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About the hotel

The History of the Palace

Located right in the historic center of the town of Paço de Arcos (Paço d’Arcos), there seem to be little doubt that it was Palácio dos Arcos (literally, “Palace of the Arches”) that gave the name to its town.

Built in the late 15th century and rehabilitated three centuries later, the Palace, in turn, owes its name to its two imposing side towers that frame a central body with a spacious balcony surrounded, indeed, by arches.

The Portuguese King Manuel I, also known as “the Fortunate one”, who loved hunting, and his daughter Maria used to stay there frequently to participate in hunts at the Quinta do Morgadio majorat estate. History says that it was from the balconies of Palácio dos Arcos that King Manuel I watched the caravels leaving on their way to India.

Later on, other kings of Portugal (Ferdinand I, Louis I and Queen Maria Pia) also stayed in this palace frequently in order to, among other activities, attend the famous regattas of Paço de Arcos.

Initially, the palace belonged to Antão Martins Homem, the second Captain-major of Vila da Praia. But in 1698, Teresa Eufrásia de Meneses included it in the majorat of Paço de Arcos. Later on, she left it to Sir Jorge Henriques, Lord of Alcáçovas. Many years later, Palácio dos Arcos was acquired by the Lencastre family, whose coat of arms is still displayed on the building’s balcony.

Palácio dos Arcos has also preserved a chapel with a baroque altar that was devoted to Our Lady of the Rosary from the very start.

Marked by so many stories lived therein by kings and their courts, garish in its golden tone at the entrance of the town of Paço de Arcos, it was reborn in 2013 as a boutique hotel with a charm that can only compare to the comfort it provides.

Privileged location

Located on the eastern side of the parish of Paço d’Arcos, right in the town’s historic center, the hotel Vila Galé Collection Palácio dos Arcos is this parish’s landmark, the most important parish of the Oeiras municipality, in the Lisbon district.

The magnificent view of the Tagus River in the Lisbon coast and the distance of only 15 minutes from the historic centers of Lisbon and Cascais, makes this a privileged hotel.

Facilities and decoration

In the renovated interior of what is the first five-star unit of the Vila Galé Group in Portugal, at every turn we face the poetry of Florbela Espanca, Fernando Pessoa, Vinicius de Moraes, Eugénio de Andrade and many others who became eternal thanks to the excellence of their poems. As one can see, poetry is the dominant theme of this hotel which has revived the spirit of the Palace.

The entrance to the Collection Palácio dos Arcos is made through the palatial building where the reception is located. Soon after, we find the Pessoa Lounge bar flanked by the library, the wine shop and the irresistible restaurant Inevitável, a responsibility of the chef Francisco Ferreira.

The bar, sprinkled with golden and crimson notes, extends along the porch leaning on the marginal street where every afternoon the “Queen Tea” is served.

The stunning original building houses only three rooms and two suites; the remaining 71 bedrooms - three of which are suites - the Satsanga Spa and outdoor pool are located in the modern part of the hotel, which were built from scratch, without any prejudice to the harmony of the town.

In addition to the leisure facilities, this hotel also offers infrastructures dedicated to the business and events segment.

The Room Luis Vaz de Camões is the main stage of such initiatives, and it has already hosted weddings, baptisms, conferences, meetings and presentations of new market products, among others. In addition to this room, the hotel also offers 2 rooms for smaller events, the third room of the Inevitável restaurant and its mezzanine.

You will surely want to meet the Vila Galé Collection Palácio dos Arcos, a distinctive hotel not only for its facilities’ refinement and quality, but also, and particularly, the services provided.